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Battle Interactive Networks is a broad platform company leading the creation of transformative social media with curated content, unique communities, and collaborative connection.

Our Brands

With sports leagues, fitness, and social media/interactive divisions, we offer exciting Sports Entertainment and Creative content.

Unique Entertainment

Affinity content is delivered through multiple channels and formats to create a thriving set of intermeshed, socially-networked communities linked through commerce.

Connecting Communities

Using technology and digital business toolsets, we build around communities with broad, engaging themes, identify shared interests and create new crossover opportunities for positive interaction.

Our Vision

Establish branded sports and entertainment entities that leverage collaborative social media to foster community connections, content engagement, and commerce, while making a positive impact globally.

What We Do

Battle Interactive Networks is a comprehensive platform focused on enriching social media collaboration by establishing dynamic communities, generating engaging content, and fostering connections within and across areas like sports, wellness, and the arts. Our goal is to consistently innovate, surpass expectations, and deliver content that not only captivates visually but also increases awareness and has a positive effect on individuals’ lives.

Battleground Universe specializes in creating and managing unique sports entertainment leagues, focusing on Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, and Hybrid martial arts. Our innovative formats include both professional league events and amateur tournaments, all governed by our proprietary ruleset, guaranteeing continuous action and an engaging audience experience.

Beyond Universe is the home of our collaborative social media sites emphasizing community, content, and connections. Through its interactive streaming platform and collaborations with creators and influencers, it provides unique and engaging interactive content, always reaching beyond for the extraordinary.

Battleground Broadcasting creates high-quality television and media content with unique storylines for distribution across various platforms.Our award-winning broadcasting team has won 20+ Emmys in sports media, covering iconic events like the Olympics, Stanley Cup Finals, NCAA Final Fours, MLS, WUSA, Auto Racing, and Soccer World Cups.

Launching in 2025, Beyond Universe Fitness promotes health and fitness education, wellness, training, and self-development in a positive, inclusive environment. Our schools aim to train individuals committed to lifelong self-improvement and positive contributions to the community, culture, society, and the planet, guided by the principles of budo combat.

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